Middle School Art Class Incorporates Psychology and Math

Middle School art students kicked off the month of March with a creative break, where they had four different creation stations set up around the room: collage, free drawing, acrylic paint and sculpture.

The students created fun, independent projects and were able to determine what mediums they preferred for the remainder of the semester. One student worked on an independent project creating a bear out of pliable cardboard.

They also dove into the psychology of creativity with neurographic art, which was a class favorite. Neurographic art is a method invented by Pavel Piskarev in 2015 and is designed to be a meditative form of art. Students comprised a drawing of free-form lines enabling the connection between conscious and subconscious through the creation of new neural connections. Neurgraphics create a sense of mindfulness without having too much structure with line and shape overlay, the addition of color and drop shadow to create depth.

On 3/14, Pi Day, art students were challenged to graph the digits of pi to create a skyline and work on their graphing skills. 

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