June Term

RPA is excited to provide students with a number of unique and interesting June Term course offerings. June term is an opportunity for students to immerse themselves in unique subject matter and to earn credits within a short period of time. We have included the June Term Course Guide in this communication so that all students can begin planning their June Term course choice. Advisors will also post the June Term Course Guide in their Advisory Google Classroom.

June Term will begin on Tuesday, May 31st and finish on Wednesday, June 15th. Thursday, June 16th, will be a Proficiency Day and the last day of school for high school students. Students will be able to meet with their teachers to work on anything from Spring Semester or June Term. Students will attend their June term class from 8:00 A.M. to 1:45 P.M. each day.  Lunch will occur from 11:30 A.M.  to 12:15 P.M.  After lunch, students will continue to engage in their June Term class activities, lab activities, field trips, and field studies, or project preparation. All on-campus freshmen, sophomores, and juniors must enroll in one course and are expected to attend that course each day from 8:00 A.M. to 1:45 P.M. RPA Anywhere students are invited, but not required to take a June Term class on campus. Please note that the majority of June Term classes will be offered onsite and will not have a Zoom option due to the length and hands on nature of June Term courses. Students wanting to take a remote class can sign up for the following courses: various Edgenuity Courses, Independent Study Health and Wellness, Independent Study PE, Work Experience, or a self-created course.

Students should check in with their advisor if they have any questions or concerns about June  Term. Students may select their June Term requests via Google Form beginning May 5 and the last day to sign up will be May 13. Please note that students must be signed into their RPA email account in order to access the Google Form. The form will close to all students at the end of the day on May 13th. Final June Term course placement decisions will be based on when students sign up, student grade level, and the need for credit recovery. We look forward to having students participate in RPA’s June Term course offerings.

If you have any questions about any of this important information, please do not hesitate to call our front office at (541) 526-0882 or reach out to me with any questions at kyle_chown@rpacademy.org


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