Jan Term – Trash Fashion

The Jan Term class, Trash Fashion, is a bunch of garbage according to instructor Qristy Kurtz. It’s true, as students have spent their Jan Term collecting throwaway items to bring them back to life as high fashion…or trashion.

“It’s fun and interesting taking trash and turning it into something cool. It’s cool seeing other people’s creativity and their works of art,” said student Asher. 

Students were treated to a visit from Karen Holm of the Rubbish Renewed Fashion Show, who came to help students with their fashion projects. She brought several of her own art pieces and presented philosophies on reducing waste in the environment and design principles for using trash in wearable art. 

“Her visit was super helpful. It was nice to get a different perspective from someone with experience. I appreciated getting details about the Rubbish Renewed Show,” said student Brennan.

The end of Trash Fashion class culminated in an RPA Trashion Show with two showings featuring an MC/DJ and 13 student designers displaying their work. The trash fashion included bubble wrap, packing materials, used wire, egg cartons, an old light fixture, can tabs, wool selvedge and more.

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