Jan Term – In Mindfulness Painting: Life Lessons from Bob Ross

In Mindfulness Painting: Life Lessons from Bob Ross, students are using drawing and painting as an outlet, and as a way to ground themselves and relax, humanities teacher Kayla Weaver explained.

In addition to putting their hearts and creative minds onto the canvas, they have learned about the importance of self-awareness, being mindful, and mental health, especially as teens navigating the world today. 

Although they are not painting along with Bob, they have been using eight different life lessons pulled from his painting videos to inspire their work and self expression. Lessons such as, “Go out on a limb because that is where all the fruit is,” “Be weird; Be yourself,” and lastly, “Ignore the haters,” just to name a few.

“This class has been one of the most fun and engaging Jan Term courses I have ever done at RPA, and I am just thrilled with the positive, inclusive, and diverse group I get to spend each day with,” Weaver said.


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