Important Advanced Placement (AP) Program information

Last Spring, The Advanced Placement Program announced some exciting changes beginning at the start of the 2019-20 school year. These changes will impact the AP exam registration and ordering process, as well as, unveil a new set of resources available to students and instructors for each AP course. Through making these changes, the AP program’s primary goal is to increase equity and access for all students within the AP Program and improve students’ academic success leading to higher test scores on exams in May.

New Exam Registration Process and Deadline for 2019-20
This year, students must sign-up for the AP Exams they plan to take in May by Friday, October 4. Teachers and students have been working throughout September in their classrooms to get registered for these tests online at In order to make sure that no one misses the opportunity to register for an exam, we are encouraging students and parents to connect at home. If students believe that they have not signed up for tests they’d like to take, please have them meet with their AP teachers for support.

Why Take AP Courses and Exams?
Research consistently shows that AP students are better prepared for college than students who don’t take AP. They’re more likely to enroll and stay in college, do well in their classes, and graduate in four years. Taking AP can help students get a sense of college-level work and build their confidence, develop time-management and critical thinking skills, and discover their passions. 

Taking exams at the end of each AP course should be the goal for every AP student. Although students are not required to take AP Exams, the potential benefits can provide students with advantages at the college level. Students who earn qualifying scores on AP Exams can earn college credit or advanced placement in college courses ultimately saving students time and money, as well as, make them a stand out student during the college admissions process. 

The cost of each AP Exam this year is $94.00. At Redmond Proficiency Academy, we believe in the value of investing in these testing opportunities for students and cover the cost of all AP Exam fees. Students who qualify for the Free and Reduced Lunch Program receive state and federal funding to cover the cost for AP exams along with numerous other college-related fee breaks and these dollars can really add up. If you are not already enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program and think you might qualify, please visit the front office located in the Main Glacier Building for more information. 

If you have additional questions and would like to learn more about the Advanced Placement Program, please visit or contact Meagan Haas, RPA AP Coordinator. 


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