Empowered to be a Young Adult.

rpa high school campus

“Revolutionizing Education and Empowering Students” has been the goal of RPAcademy since 2009. On the RPA High School campus, proven best practices in education come to life. Students have the responsibility to navigate our five-building campus, and the freedom to enjoy the downtown community of Redmond while developing an understanding of what it means to own their education.

Proficiency Based

We don’t add up random points to create a grade. When it comes to grades at RPA, only one question matters: “Can you demonstrate what you know?”

Collegiate Model

Students have choice in everything at RPA: the classes they take; the creation of their schedule; how they choose to demonstrate their understanding. On top of that, RPA has been ranked the #1 College Prep school in Central Oregon, after being the first of two schools in the entire state to introduce the AP Capstone Diploma. If college is your goal, this is where you want to be.

Inclusive Environment

Being kind matters. At RPA, students know their staff cares about them. We’re not a perfect place – but we consistently and intentionally strive to create a caring and welcoming environment for every student.