GoKid Carpool Management

RPA has partnered with GoKid, an efficient parent carpool management tool designed to simplify carpooling. GoKid has been a big success, with over 100 RPA families signed up to carpool with other RPA families. This early adoption embodies the true spirit of unity that defines the “We Are One” culture we have built at RPA.

GoKid is an entirely optional program, and families can opt in or out based on their preferences and needs. Once your GoKid account is active, you will have the convenience of connecting directly with other RPA families living in your area who have also chosen to participate in the GoKid carpooling initiative. 

By joining this initiative, you are contributing to enhancing transportation options for RPA students. We are confident that as more families join the platform, its benefits will continue to grow exponentially. Please email sarah_lopez@rpacademy.org if you have not received an invitation for your RPA Gokid account.

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