RPA has designed high school to be flexible around the students’ needs; it’s not a place where one model serves all.


Flexibility matters at RPA. It is built into everything we do, like the classes we offer and the scheduling model we use; the way we accommodate different learning styles and student interests; and how we’ve created systems to allow students to earn credit for their job or their volunteer work.
Some examples of flexibility and personalized learning at RPA include:

College-Style Scheduling
Classes at RPA are held on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and Tuesday-Thursday, just like most colleges and universities. This allows students to pursue other activities outside of RPA such as working, volunteering, or pursuing a special interest, as well as giving them valuable experience in managing their time and meeting their commitments. This also lines up with COCC’s schedule, so our charter academy students can easily enroll in college courses in the Redmond and Bend area without conflicting schedules.

“The first thing that struck us was the flexibility. Teachers are willing to do whatever students need.”

Self-Directed Study
Located near Bend in Redmond OR, RPA charter academy encourages students to explore different interests and talents beyond the courses offered through RPA-designed classes for truly personalized learning. For example, if a student is interested in studying aerodynamics and RPA does not offer anything on this subject, the student could create a course working with the science instructor of their choice. Any student can pursue a self-created course on anything that interests them, as long as he/she and an instructor agree on the goals, the educational standards being met, and how proficiency will be measured.

Work at Your Own Pace
The proficiency model is very flexible, allowing students at our Redmond charter academy to take as little or as much time as they need to complete a course and achieve their educational goals. If they need more time, they arrange it with an instructor; if they finished, they move on to new challenges; if they already know the material, they can test out of the class and earn the credits.