It’s Your Time and Your Place.

Education needs to be different. Every student deserves an education that is uniquely tailored to his or her needs. At the Redmond Proficiency Academy, that’s what we do.

RPA is not a traditional school. No two students at RPA will have the same academic experience, because we recognize that all of our students have different skills, interests, and dreams. Our students have flexible schedules, personalized academic timelines, and classes that fit their needs and their goals. That’s what makes us different.

But we’re not just proud of our nationally-recognized academic system. Our school culture is unrivaled, and our teachers are among the best in the state. We value inclusion, teamwork, and compassion; it’s important to us that all of our students know that they belong here.

Ready for the Challenge?

At RPA, we take pride in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to college preparation. We prepare our students for the independent learning environments that await them in college by offering accelerated learning opportunities and partnering with COCC to enroll our students in college level courses that satisfy Oregon statewide high school graduation requirements. Helping students adapt to the responsibility of owning their education early on increases the likelihood that they will succeed in college. Throughout our students’ time at RPA, they will participate in freshman college tours, receive senior calendar reminders for financial aid and have the opportunity to earn the AP Capstone diploma. RPA was one of the first two schools in the entire state of Oregon to offer the AP Capstone, which was designed in partnership with college faculty to focus on skills rather than content. Students can distinguish themselves to colleges and universities by taking advantage of this diploma opportunity.

rpa directors messageTreated Like a Young Adult.
“I am RPA,” means that our students’ education is flexible and designed specifically to serve their unique interests, talents and goals. Along with our accelerated learning opportunities, flexibility surfaces in many ways: in our college-style scheduling model, our broad range of diverse electives, our open campus, and our students’ ability to earn credit from off-campus activities.

message from the directorAdditionally, all of our students work with their advisors to find the right classes for them, whether they are at, above or below grade level, so they can learn at a pace that is appropriate for them.

All students at RPA tuition free charter school in Redmond are supported in engaging in what they love and encouraged to apply their experience to their high school diploma. Our students volunteer in the community, work part time, and explore outside interests, all while earning high school credit.

directors message at RPAWe Are Strong.
“We are one,” means no matter how many ways one student is different from another, everyone at RPA has at least one thing in common: we are all working together to build a welcoming community. At RPA, every student belongs and is accepted for who they are. From the Executive Director to the youngest middle schooler, RPA culture is shaped by respect for every person and their unique ways of being. Fitting in at RPA is about students being themselves because RPA values the individual strengths of our students, staff, and administration. We all have a part to play, and at RPA, we empower students to find theirs.

explore redmond proficiency academyProve It.
The “Proficiency” in RPA is all about demonstrating learning, not just acquiring enough points to earn a particular letter grade. Our faculty is dedicated to making sure our students leave the academy with the skills they will need to succeed. Our teachers give students the tools and opportunities to demonstrate understanding and proficiency through many means and across many modalities. We like to describe it this way: at traditional schools, time is the constant and learning is the variable. At RPA, we flip that idea on its head in order to make learning the constant and time the variable. Students can take as much – or as little –time as needed to understand a concept and demonstrate their understanding before moving on to the next step. Isn’t that how real life works?

I can’t tell you how proud I am of RPA and the success we’ve experienced in introducing Central Oregon to a different way to approach education. We invite you to learn more about our approach and programming, and to consider RPA tuition free charter school for your child’s high school education. Read our FAQ, cruise through the website, and then schedule a tour or apply now to experience what might be possible for your family.