A Leader in Central Oregon Education Since 2009

history of redmond proficiency academyIn 2008, three educators sat around a kitchen table and talked about what kind of education they wanted for their children. They toyed with the idea of creating an educational opportunity where students are encouraged to grow their skills and talents and to give back to the community around them. They wanted to create a place where students were challenged to create their education while being deeply valued and accepted for who they are.

Their ideas grew into the Redmond Proficiency Academy. RPA opened its doors in 2009 to 150 academically-minded students who were excited to take the risk of a new paradigm in education. Founded on the concept of proficiency-based learning in a personalized environment, the new school quickly grew to 250 in year two; 480 in year three; and to 700 students in grades 6-12 in year four. Today, close to 900 students make up the population of RPA.

Student Acceptance and Flexibility
Years later this is what we know: Our students believe passionately in the vision of RPA. If asked, they will tell you that they enjoy the open campus and their interactions with the local community. They appreciate the flexibility of college-style scheduling, which allows time to do homework and still be able to participate in soccer or work part-time as a barista. You’ll hear about the passion of their instructors, and the respect that staff and students have for each other. You might hear the words, “own your education,” “discover your voice,” or “embrace your inner nerd” and get an enthusiastic explanation of just what that means.

“My son has been at RPA since 8th grade, 4 years now. It’s been a great experience for him and I. We love RPA!”

College Prep Programs and More
We continue to be proud of our graduation rates and the number of students who go on to private and public colleges and universities throughout the country. At RPA, we start exploring higher education and career opportunities as early as middle school and continue through four years of high school. As a result, our students demonstrate a high level of preparedness for the college experience and an appreciation for all the opportunities ahead of them.

Instructors expect the best of RPA students, and our students tend to rise to these expectations because they care about their education and are treated as young adults. College prep programs, flexibility, acceptance, and proficiency are the foundation of all we do here at our Redmond campus, making RPA a pretty great place to be. We invite you to come check it out.