What Parents Are Saying…

“Creative solutions are the point of RPA. The key is proficiency. Master the basics at your own pace. Flexibility is given to the students. RPA is all about flexibility.”

“I tell them [other parents] about the flexibility. I tell them how individualized it is; my freshman son can go at his own pace. I think it will be easy for him to accelerate and to get college credit.”

What Students Are Saying…

“From the minute I set foot in the school, I thought ‘what a cool setting.’ It felt like a community college. The kids seemed comfortable. One was playing guitar in the lobby. I knew this place was different; I liked the feel of it.”

“We have a very diverse student body. It’s very accepting and inclusive. For example, we just had a school dance and everyone danced the last dance together, like they always do. The DJ said he’d never seen anything like it in a high school.”

The Seven Habits of the Highly Effective RPA Student

Dependability – Be There
Optimism – Believe the Best
Respect – Be Nice
Curiosity – Ask Questions
Zest – Enjoy the Process
Grit – Work Hard
Gratitude – Thank Someone

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