Every Day Matters – Attendance Awareness

By now you’ve probably seen the posters and heard the Oregon Dept. of Education’s message of “Every Day Matters” as it relates to school attendance.  

We take this message very seriously at RPA. The data is in, and the importance of regular attendance is not merely a slogan but is directly linked to a student’s success at RPA.

Why Attendance Matters

There’s a very strong correlation between good attendance and success in school. On the other hand, students who regularly miss school are also more likely to struggle in school.

Missed days add up quickly: Just two days a month puts a child’s success in jeopardy because students fall behind and disconnect. By third grade, it gets much more difficult to catch up. Students who regularly miss school can quickly feel hopeless, and returning becomes harder and harder.

The reasons for chronic absenteeism are understandable but they must be addressed. Troubleshooting issues that are keeping a student away from school can make a difference immediately and for the long term. Students with solid attendance are much more likely to be successful during school and after graduation.

Did You Know?

  • Children who are not reading at grade level by the end of third grade are 18% less likely to graduate.
  • Students are considered at risk when they are chronically absent – that’s 10% of the school year.
  • 1 in 6 Oregon children is chronically absent.

Help is Available

At RPA your child is not just a number, but a unique individual with limitless potential. We are here to help your child get to school regularly and on time. RPA staff regularly analyze attendance data in an effort to ensure that all students are attending school regularly. We have policies and procedures in place to follow up with students and families when students are not attending regularly.

Attendance resources to help families: every-day-matters.org/tool-kits/families

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