RPAcademy CTE Badges

Every RPA Student has the Opportunity to Earn a CTE Badge.


First: let’s be sure we’re on the same page. Every high school student in the State of Oregon must have taken and passed three credits in “Art and Professional Technical” courses to graduate from high school. At RPA, that means six classes in this category. Every student also needs six credits (12 classes) of “Elective” courses to graduate.

At RPA, there are dozens of these courses – “Art and Professional Technical” and “Elective” – to choose from. If you take over three credits in “Art and Professional Technical” courses, those extras will start counting toward your “Elective” courses.

Many of those same courses can also be counted toward an RPA CTE Badge. An RPA CTE Badge can be earned in Business Management, Early Childhood Education, and/or Theatre Studies – but is not required to graduate from high school.

What is a badge? Why should I want one?

Getting a job out of high school can be challenging – at least, getting a job that will pay for the life you want. RPA wants you to have the best chance for an amazing future if you decide to go straight into the job market after high school. So we’ve created these badges for you.

This badge is your chance to tell potential employers that you have what it takes to help them succeed (which incidentally, helps YOU succeed):

  • You’ll receive access to an RPA Badge logo that can be used on scholarship or job applications and signature lines to distinguish you from other applicants
  • You’ll get specific resume-based skills descriptions to add to scholarship and/or job applications
  • You’ll have the opportunity to wear our RPA CTE Cord to distinguish your work at Graduation

Click on the icons above to see what courses you can choose to earn the badges.