COVID – 19 (coronavirus) Update – Spring Break

Dear RPA Students and Families,

Before we head out on what will undoubtedly be a very strange spring break, I’d like to take a moment to thank you for being a part of the RPA community. At RPA, we have prided ourselves on being able to nimbly adapt to our students’ and our communities’ needs and there has never been a greater need for us to innovate. In the past, we have provided students with educations as unique as they are, and today we have incorporated and adapted that message to read:

Unique Times – Unique Learning – Unique You

In this, we are maintaining our identity as offering a personalized education to our students and acknowledging that education and life are anything but “business as usual” right now. In preparing to work with your students over the coming weeks, our teachers are offering rich educational experiences that focus on recognizing our students’ unique needs and building compassionate learning communities. We believe that if we focus on these two goals, learning and growth will follow. In these unique times, your well-being is our number one priority – we are here for you when you are ready to learn.

Extending this beyond our virtual learning spaces to the community, we want to recognize that what we’re facing is something that affects everyone regardless of their connection to RPA. Most importantly, we are facing this together. As such, we will continue to find unique ways to reach out to and serve our community. In this most important of times, we are one.

School and Community Resources:

Redmond School Closure Meal Distribution

Bend La Pine School Closure Meal Distribution

Crook County School Closure Meal Distribution

Jefferson County School Closure Meal Distribution

Mental Health Services

RPA Technology Request Form

BendBroadband Free Broadband Access 

COVID-19 Parent Handout

Coronavirus Resources for Families – English

Coronavirus Resources for Families – Español

Most importantly, next week, have a spring break, use it as a time to re-center yourselves and to step away from school. Get outside, go for a walk, enjoy the sun. Take care of yourselves and your families. All of this, education and our new reality, will still be here when you get back.

Once more, thank you for helping make RPA the unique and amazing learning environment that means so much to all of us. We will update you on March 30, 2020 regarding our plans for providing enriching educational opportunities throughout the duration of the closure.

All my best,

Jon Bullock

Executive Director

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