AP Environ. Science students working in collaborative groups

Beginning this year, High School Science Instructor Amy Herauf implemented a project-based curriculum in her AP Environmental Science classes, giving students the opportunity to work together in collaborative groups, fully engage in the scientific process through the collection of data and connect their learning to their local community. 

The first project entailed completing four audits on the Forest Building and evaluating the use of four different types of resources-energy (electricity), water, fossil fuels (transportation) and waste. 

Students used this audit data and what they learned about ecological footprints to come up with sustainable solutions to their resource use issues and the impacts they have on the environment. 

They just started Project Two, which will build on Project One, broadening the scope of their data collection and solutions for the greater Redmond community. 

In November, Herauf’s classes will be visiting the site of the proposed Redmond Wetlands Project and analyzing biodiversity, water quality and soil quality, among other ecological metrics.

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