Advocate for Charter Schools – Join the ORC3S Parent Alliance

RPA parents are encouraged to become advocates for Oregon charter schools as part of the ORC3S Parent Alliance. Your participation will help us to build momentum, advocate for charter school-friendly policies, and give our kids the education that’s right for them.

The Oregon Coalition of Community Charter Schools works to shape public policy and opinion at the local, state, and federal level to support the growth of quality charter schools. Part of that work means making space to elevate the voices of parents and students in our member schools.

The Parent Alliance is a space for charter school parents of Oregon to gather, share, learn, and advocate for policies to create better learning environments and opportunities for their students. Members will receive an exclusive monthly newsletter for parents, get regular updates during and leading up to Oregon legislative session, and gather virtually for an optional monthly meeting.

Topics for these meetings include:

  • ¬†About Oregon Charter Schools

  • Summer Activities: Group Share and Resources

  • Our Charter School Stories

  • Oregon Legislature 101

  • Back-to-School Struggles

  • Why Advocate

Join here:

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