Acceptance FAQ

“Just wanted to say THANK YOU for a great experience at Open House last night. Our tour guide – I think her name was Ashley – was wonderful, and every student we met was happy, respectful and enthusiastic about RPA. My son and his friend were so very impressed – they felt like they’d landed on another planet as RPA student representatives and teachers introduced positive, innovative student-support concepts and philosophies.”

In traditional educational systems, students tend to form cliques. At RPA, students still tend to group, but with one major difference: RPA students are pretty welcoming to new people.
Everyone at RPA has been “the new kid” at some point in time, and as such they were welcomed and made to feel part of the student body. We work very intentionally with our students to help them remember the feeling of being new and to help others find their place at RPA.

Successful RPA students have two things in common: they are (at least somewhat) self-motivated and they are open minded. Students who succeed here like to learn, enjoy being respected and respect others in return, and aren’t afraid to ask questions (even if it’s in a quiet voice after class).

Respect and acceptance are key values at RPA, and students, faculty and staff actively model those values. As a result, students that have struggled with “fitting in” at other schools often find a place at RPA where they feel safe, comfortable, and appreciated for their unique perspectives and individual contributions.

RPA strives to revolutionize education and to empower students while holding both of these truths within our student body - I am RPA (my voice matters) and We Are One (everyone else's voice matters, too.)

Yes, so to speak. At RPA High School, we embrace “The Seven Habits of the Highly Effective RPA Student,” through which all our students (and staff!) can grow daily. They are traits upon which life success can be built. They are:

  • Dependability – Be There
  • Optimism – Believe the Best
  • Respect – Be Nice
  • Curiosity – Ask Questions
  • Zest – Enjoy the Process
  • Grit – Work Hard
  • Gratitude – Thank Someone

At the RPA Middle School, we focus on being RAD:

  • Responsible
  • Awesome
  • Dependable