RPA is a place where people feel safe, comfortable, and appreciated for their unique perspectives and individuality.

acceptanceBy its very nature, RPA has a very diverse student population coming from all over Central Oregon and from all segments of society. Recognizing this, staff, faculty and students make modeling respect, inclusion and acceptance a priority.

The result is a successful high school and middle school where students that have struggled with fitting in at other schools in the Redmond and Bend area often find a comfortable place at RPA with people who appreciate and enjoy each other – faculty, staff and students alike. This is because, together, we choose to do the following:

  • Learn to identify, appreciate and reconcile differences as we experience them in our progressively diverse world.
  • Develop the ability to think and speak on the basis of examined thoughts and beliefs.
  • Embody the tagline “I Am RPA, We Are One” by appreciating our own value and the value of others.

But if a student or his/her family is struggling with something, RPA can help there too. Just ask.

“I was waiting until they (my children) graduate to thank you. Mostly because I am still in shock at the positive turn of the educational events in my two high school seniors’ lives. They actually enjoy going to class for the first time since leaving elementary school…”