RPA students explore fun, new topics during Jan Term

From left to right: Wilbur Hall, Delaney Lutz

Jan Term is a unique part of being at RPA High School. With classes ranging form winter sport activities to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter class, there is truly something for everyone.  

During Jan Term, some students may want to explore a subject they would not otherwise take during a regular grading period, while other students may be interested in getting a more in-depth experience in a subject with which they are already familiar. Other students may work on completing standards in order to earn credit in courses from semester one or working on courses that will help meet graduation requirements in specific subject areas.

Junior Delaney Lutz explained that she loves Jan Term because, “It’s fast-paced and you get to learn a lot about a topic you’re passionate about.”

In the Wizarding World of Harry Potter class, students read and discuss the Harry Potter series and even get to participate in a hat sorting ceremony. If you know, you know.

Ninth-grader Kianea Bierman shared, “I love Jan Term because I’m in a class called the Wizarding World of Harry Potter – that should explain itself!” 

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