College Prep

RPA originated as an idea to better prepare students for college and life after high school. Today, we do this even better.

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RPA has designed high school around the students’ needs; it’s not a high school where one model serves all.

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RPA is a place where people feel safe, comfortable, and appreciated for their unique perspectives and individuality.

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The proficiency model works with each student at the point they are at in their learning, subject-by- subject and class-by-class.

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What Our Students and Parents Are Saying….

A Total Win-Win!
“Thanks for a wonderful evening last night! YOUR SCHOOL IS FANTASTIC!!!!! Exactly what we have been looking for and proficiency in learning is a total win-win!! I hope to have a 6th grader starting in the fall and look forward to promoting and encouraging other parents to look into this school as well! Thanks!”
I'm in Awe...
" I filled out an application for my son; hopefully he will get to experience and flourish at RPA. He's pretty stoked! Frankly, I'm in awe as I listen to him talk about the possibilities and express his excitement about school. WHOOP WHOOP!!! Thanks again for an excellent open house.”
...Prepares Kids For College
“RPA prepares kids for college and life. Similar setup as college and not just memorizing facts, but learning critical thinking and being independent. Students spend less time in school doing busy work and more time exploring their interests.”
...Allows Them to Be Successful
“Millennial students care so much about how the world should work. They care about ecology, the environment, treating each other better... At RPA, they’ve chosen to go to a school that allows them to be successful based on their interests and using the tools that they are confident in.”