Welcome Parents!

What is Focus?

Focus is one tool by which RPA students and staff communicate academic matters.  Focus is an information system and is the place to find answers about attendance, GPA, graduation tracking, class moodles, and more.

Getting Around in Focus:

In order to log into Focus please follow this link: https://focus.rpacademy.org/focus/, or just click on the owl icon in the upper section of this screen.  If you are missing your Focus login or password please email carolyn_parker@rpacademy.org and she will send you this information. Please be aware that Focus logins have changed; if you have been able to access Focus in the past but can no longer do so, please email Carolyn or your student’s advisor.

If you need a video tutorial on how to check attendance through Focus please click here.

Current grades are posted on the front page of Focus. To see individual assignments, please click on the upper right tab “Assignments and Grades”. Our grading system is as follows:
C = Proficiency
B = Above Proficiency
A = Exceeds Proficiency
I = In Progress or Incomplete
R = Redo
W = Withdraw
NG = No Grade Given Yet
Any coursework not finished during the current term will be given a grade of ‘W’ by the end of the next term.  At that point the class may be taken again to earn credit.

If you are interested in seeing details of assignments you will need to access your student’s Moodle for their class.  The Moodle is essentially the syllabus and ‘game plan’ for each individual class.  We do not provide parent access to Moodles; you must use your student’s login information to access this function.

Nutrition Services

Redmond Proficiency Academy is pleased to offer breakfast and lunch on our West Campus through the Redmond School District Nutrition Services. For a current menu, click here.
Breakfast is served daily from 7:30-7:45am.
Lunch is served daily from 11:30am-12:10pm.

All RPA students will be charged according to their household eligibility in the Free and Reduced meal program:
Paid Student Breakfast             $1.75
Paid Student Lunch                   $2.75
Reduced Student Breakfast       $.30
Reduced Student Lunch             $.40
No meal charges will be allowed.
For further information, questions, or to create your account please see the following link:

Safety and Respect

Redmond Proficiency Academy places enormous value on creating an environment of safety and respect.  For details of our behavioral expectations and disciplinary procedures, please see the following:  RPA Behavioral Expectations Manual.

To enhance student safety in the case of emergency, Redmond Proficiency Academy has enlisted the use of “I Love You Guys” Standard Response Protocol.  Please click here for more information.